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Throughout the year Scouts BSA Troop 28 holds fundraisers to subsidize the cost of scouting programs.  All donations and money earned through fundraisers is used exclusively towards scouting.


Troop 28 also helps those in need of financial aid so that they may register to participate in scouting and attend events such as camping trips and summer camp.


During Hebron Colonial Days and the Manchester Triumph Auto Show, you can find Troop 28 Scouts selling food such as hamburgers and hot dogs.


In the fall the scouts can be seen walking through neighborhoods selling Vermont Wreaths and Yankee Candles.


As the Scouts ask for your patronage we appreciate you keeping in mind that all proceeds outside of the expense of items will benefit Scouts and their activities; many of which are projects to restore and beautify our community.


Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to seeing you around town!

Consider becoming a volunteer with Hebron Boy Scout Troop 28. Merit badge counseling, fundraising, troop leadership, trip participation and other functions are always needed and greatly appreciated!

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