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Scouts BSA is a non-profit participant driven organization.


For those coming from a Cub Scout P,ack you will find a stark contrast to how the Scout Troop is managed and operated.  As Cub Scouts is leader driven; Scouts BSA emphasizes the independence of scouts in the design and management of programs.


The Scout Troop is divided into patrol's designated by age of scout.  Each patrol has a Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leaders.  The Senior Patrol Leader and Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders are senior scouts within the troop.  They are tasked with structuring and running each troop meeting.  When the scouts go on trips such as camping expeditions, they take on the responsibility of planning the agenda and obtaining supplies needed.  During overnight camping trips the scouts set up tents, build the campfire and help prepare meals among other tasks.  Senior scouts also serve as mentors to younger scouts; assisting them throughout the year in obtaining merit badges and guiding them on their path to Eagle.


Although the scouts are somewhat self-sufficient, it is ultimately the adult leaders who provide a safe environment, oversight and assistance when needed.  Leaders teach a wide-ranging curriculum of merit badge achievements and record the progress made by each scout.  Prior to approval, each leader submits to a thorough background check.


Troop 28 has enjoyed significant adult participation, which has allowed it to graduate a high level of Eagle Scouts and operate one of the most active troops in the state.  However, as scouts reach Eagle and parents retire, the troop cannot maintain it's high level of excellence without new help.  


Please consider joining us in the very rewarding role of Scout Leader  or active parent.  With the support of current leaders and a broad array of training programs, it is easy to contribute at any level.  You need not be a leader to help out and all support is greatly appreciated!

Below are some of the many roles our adult leaders and volunteers provide for Troop 28:

Active Parent - helps to lead trips, events and provide general support when needed.


Merit Badge Counselor - helps to teach a curriculum of over 100 merit badges.


Committee Participant -provides ideas and feedback on how best to serve the troop.

For more information on how to participate in the troop please contact:

Troop Scoutmaster

Mr. Jason Pueschel


Troop Committee Chairperson

Mr. Tom Atwood


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