Cycling Merit Badge - Mr. Kimball, June 17

Earn Cycling Merit Badge this Summer!

While earning this badge, we’ll take two 10-mile bike trips, two 15-mile trips, two 25 mile trips, and one grand 50 miler.  In recent summers our grand-finale 50-miler was the famous “H2H” – The “Hebron to Hammonasset” ride.   

We plan to do it all again this summer, beginning as soon as the last regular scout meeting is over.  This year we’ll start on Saturday June 17.  We’ll then bike on most Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings during June and July, being finished by noon each Saturday.  Since we’ll do extra trips, it’s OK if you can’t join us for all of them.


This is for boys who will be in the 8th grade and up this fall.  7th graders that wish to participate need to convince Mr. Kimball that they can keep up. Boys that earned cycling last year are welcome to ride with us anytime.


 We’ll keep track of our trips and share pictures by email. 


Mr. Kimball, and others will be the leaders.  We need and welcome more adults to ride with us.   Sign up with Mr. Kimball at 228-3817, or better yet, by email at  I’ll need your email address because that’s how we’ll communicate about where and when we’ll meet and if there are cancellations.


First Ride of the year – Saturday morning June 17. An easy 12 miles.  Route to be announced.